Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential?

Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential?

A preventive dental cleaning is also known as a routine dental cleaning or prophylaxis, and it’s usually a short visit that includes scaling and polishing your teeth. Many patients schedule these appointments every six to twelve months, but it often depends on your dental health needs. At Ustick Dental Office, our dentist may recommend more frequent visits if you suffer from gum disease. Scaling removes plaque and tartar buildup from tooth surfaces using handheld instruments. Polishing smoothes the surface of the teeth to prevent plaque buildup in the future. 

What Happens During Regular Exams and Cleanings?

During routine exams, your dentist will examine your teeth for signs of common oral diseases, including tooth decay and gum disease. These exams are also crucial for monitoring tooth development in children. Your dentist will also inspect your gums for signs of gingivitis. Gum disease can often be treated with non-surgical methods rather than surgery if detected early.

Your dentist may recommend one or more deep cleanings for patients who have skipped regular cleanings. Deep cleaning involves removing all plaque deposits below the gum line and smoothing out rough spots on the root of your tooth, making it easier for bacteria to cling to your teeth and gums.

Depending on the condition of your oral health, you may also need to have X-rays taken during your exam. X-rays allow your dentist to identify hidden areas of decay between your teeth or underneath your fillings. They can also help your dentist monitor any issues with your jawbone due to osteoporosis or other degenerative conditions.

During your checkup, your dentist will screen you for oral cancer. If abnormal tissue is noted during the screening, we may perform a biopsy to confirm whether or not you have cancer. Early treatment is essential to ensure the best outcomes. This includes surgery to remove cancerous tissue and radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells.

The Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Routine dental visits are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. During these cleanings, your dental hygienist will remove tartar buildup from your teeth and inspect your mouth for signs of trouble. Your dentist will also perform examinations for tooth decay or gum disease signs. Early detection and treatment are critical to preventing further damage to your smile. Keeping your mouth healthy can also help prevent other health issues associated with poor oral health, like heart disease and diabetes.

Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential to maintaining oral health and overall well-being. If you are due for your next cleaning and exam, visit Ustick Dental Office at 9733 W Ustick Rd, Boise, ID 83704, or call (208) 375-8720 to schedule an appointment.


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