Clear Braces in Boise, ID

What comes to your mind when you think about wearing braces? 

Traditional wired braces have become a passe, which is why various new orthodontic treatment approaches have been introduced. Thanks to the invention of clear braces, it is now possible to straighten your smile without showing others that you are undergoing treatment. Clear braces are more like traditional metal braces. The only difference here is that they have clear brackets and clear wires. These brackets are made using ceramic or plastic material.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces work similarly to traditional braces. Many clear braces systems use a small metal wire that connects the brackets. But we may give you the choice of a white archwire to make the treatment discreet. While attaching these braces, we will manipulate your teeth in a different direction to move them in proper alignment. The entire phase of treatment extends up to 18-24 months, depending upon your severity of misaligned teeth.

What Happens During an Appointment?

We will start with taking a digital X-ray of your mouth to check the severity of your misaligned teeth. We will attach ceramic brackets to each tooth using a high-strength and tooth-friendly bonding adhesive. The role of this adhesive is to keep your brackets in place until otherwise removed. A special blue light will be used to harden this adhesive. 

Your braces will be anchored to your back molars using metal bands to fit around your teeth. We will use the same adhesive to bond them. We will also attach metal archwires to each bracket and secure them in the anchors. The ends of the wires will be trimmed to keep them from injuring your soft tissues. 

The whole procedure takes 1-2 hours to complete, depending on if your treatment plan demands the application of braces on both the upper and lower teeth. The procedure is painless. 

What are the Advantages of Clear Braces?

  • The best advantage of this treatment over traditional braces is that it offers a more discreet look. If you do not want to make your treatment obvious, clear braces are a sought-after choice.
  • Clear braces do not require frequent orthodontic visits. It not only saves your time and energy but money as well.
  • Clear braces come with built-in protection for teeth grinding.
  • Maintaining your oral hygiene becomes easy with clear braces.
  • Conventional metal braces result in a lot of discomforts. However, it is not the case with clear braces.

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